2015 Kohl's American Cup

Kohl's American Cup - hosted by USA (Utah Soccer Alliance)
The Kohl's American Cup hosted by USA provides recreational youth soccer players in Utah an opportunity to experience a consistent and high quality statewide tournament in a fun, family-like atmosphere during the summer time (usually mid-to-late June). The short but competitive 4v4 tournament fosters stimulation and excitement about soccer in an effort to increase recreational player interest in and love for the game of soccer.
Utah Soccer Alliance wants the recreational player to feel special and have fun! The Kohl's American Cup helps achieve this by providing recreational players with the opportunity to participate in an original event outside of their normal league play. The Kohl's Cup also gives US Youth Soccer (USYS) state associations another benefit to bring even more service to current members and a tool to use in increasing membership enrollment.

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Kohl's American Cup - hosted by USA (Utah Soccer Alliance)
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